We have been working around the clock to expand and augment our services to enhance your BAC Experience in the New Normal. With Abacus, you now have 24/7 remote access to an extensive collection of eBooks, journals, videos, and other great resources on campus at our Libraries or from the comfort of your home. So, whether you’d like to access our library services online or physical, we’ve got your BACk!


BAC Library

BAC Library supports students through the power of information, discovery and learning. Our collections includes eBooks, printed materials and online resources that is available 24/7; accessible on-campus & off-site as well. Search our digital library and start studying now!  Our team of librarians are ready to assist  with your queries related to Library services and resource, so make sure to get in touch.


To transform lives through education



In support of BAC’s mission, the library provides services with access to a wide array of digital and physical learning spaces and resources.


Ask The Librarian

1. Ask questions

Always look to ask questions

4. Always take notes

Make notes in the process of studying the subject matter

2. Find resources:






5. Organize notes:





3. Know where to go:




6. Citation

Cite your resources (author, book title, copyright)

1. Ask questions

Always look to ask questions

2. Find resources:






3. Know where to go:




4. Always take notes

Make notes in the process of studying the subject matter

5. Organize notes:





6. Citation

Cite your resources (author, book title, copyright)

  1. Students visit the library to source for reference trustworthy and accurate material that they can confidently use and cite for their project.
  2. After identifying and assessing a student’s topic, Librarian will compile a list of helpful resources specific to their research needs.
  3. The library research database is the main reference, because it has access to journals, books, magazine and newspaper articles, research documents, government documents, images, music, videos and additional resources. All of these types of sources can be found in the Libraries and on the Libraries’ website.
  4. Consultations are available in-person, by telephone, or online. During a one-on-one research consultation we can work with students to identify few points in preparing for this Project Paper and Research.
  5. Librarian will help student to identify few basic information needed in order to provide guidance for their research project;
    • Define your topic
    • Develop search strategies
    • Identify and locate resources
    • Organize your research
    • Work with unique, primary materials
    • Obtain items available in other resources
    • Offer other kinds of support tailored for your research needs

BAC Education Group has provided lots of resources for students and instructors in order to gather information and data needed for their research purpose such as;

  1. ProQuest
  2. AWS Educate
  3. HSTalks Business
  4. CLJ Law
  5. LexisNexis
  6. Oxford University Press
  7. Emerald Publishing
  8. Linkedln Learning
  9. Pearson
  10. Westlaw
  11. Sweet & Maxwell
  12. Microsoft Imagine Academy
  1. Identify your research paper topics
    You should never start researching sources before you have a clearly stated your topic because you can’t reach the final destination when you have no clue where you are going. Try to formulate a clear question from the very beginning and make a quick preliminary study before you formulate a specific question, and then edit it to make it look relevant and clear.
  2. Keep the purpose of work in mind
    There are several types of research projects and each has a different purpose that you have to keep in mind in order to find the most appropriate and relevant materials.
  3. Create a list of key concepts
    If you have a list of relevant concepts and keywords that relate to the chosen topic, it should make the study much faster because you will easily be able to search for information on your topic on the Internet and beyond.
  4. Go to the Library
    Despite the fact that you can find tons of information on the Internet, it is better to start your search in the library as there you can find a large number of books on your subject and will not have to sort them out by relevance. Without a doubt, books are the best providers of valid data.
  5. Make notes
    Some people find it inconvenient to make notes in the process of studying their subject matter. However, it is the best thing you can do to make the whole process simpler.
  6. Consider different types of information
    Do not only use books, finding some valid facts is good but if your paper will consist of only facts, it will be uninteresting and less convincing. Try to find some statistical data, documental films, interviews, convincing examples from history or literature, etc.
  7. Continue your research online
    The data that are unavailable in the library you should be able to find on the Internet but do not forget to check every resource for credibility.
  8. Analyse and organize collected data
    When you are done with locating sources, review all your data and analyse it in order to determine your key resources and organize them well.
  9. Start writing
    Once you have organized all your facts, you can start writing the work itself. In the course of writing, your topic may change a bit, so do not be afraid of going back to the library if it is necessary. Also, do not be afraid of asking for help.
  10. Use the required citation format
    It is very important to do a right citation because if you do not follow the required style manual when citing your resources, your text will turn out plagiarized. Citing can take lots of time and it is not a simple matter but it is one of the most essential things that you have to take care of in order to make your work complete.

The Learning Lab


Our comprehensive library consists of materials from the most reputable sources and partners

AWS Educate is used in more than
200 countries
connecting institutions, educators and students.
Through AWS Educate, students and educators have access to content and programmes developed to skill up for cloud careers in growing fields. AWS Educate also connects companies hiring for cloud skills to qualified graduate job seekers with the AWS Educate Job Board.

Henry Stewart Talks (HSTalks) is a leading provider of specially prepared, animated, online, audio-visual lectures, seminar-style talks and case studies for business schools, universities and commercial enterprises in over 60 countries around the world.

leader in providing graduate and continuing professional education in Business & Management for over 40 years.  

Microsoft Imagine Academy gives students and educators the curricula and certifications they need to succeed in a tech-driven economy. Areas covered included: Computer scienceIT infrastructureData scienceProductivity. 

The Academy provides teachers with the technology skills and helps students get employed with industry certification.

ProQuest has a growing content collection that now encompasses 90,000 authoritative sources. It includes the world’s largest collection of dissertations and theses; global, national, regional and specialty newspapers; eBooks; aggregated collections of world’s most important scholarly journals and periodicals; and unique digitized historical collections from great libraries
and museums.
ProQuest provides subscription for digital books. 

CLJ Law provides  online legal database service for subscribers. Their databases include current Malaysian cases, articles, practice notes, legislative forms, precedents, sample agreements and legislations

Lexis Advance is an innovative online research platform that allows today’s legal professionals to access trusted research. Lexis Advance includes Malaysia’s largest and most current case citatory, Casemate Case Citator, a complete legislation solution, unreported judgments and Malaysian law journal reports.

Oxford University Press is the world’s largest university press. Digital resources available to students includacademic, public, corporate, medical, and law libraries. Subject areas covered include Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Medicine, and Law. 

A foremost legal information provider for businesses and legal professionals, The All Malaysia Reports (AMR) is its flagship product. Since 1999, in collaboration with the Malaysian Bar Council, Sweet & Maxwell Asia Malaysia publishes InfoAlert, a monthly publication of comprehensive
 indexed information of current reported Malaysian cases.  

A market leader in social science and interdisciplinary research, offering a range of formats that focus on applied research, aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Content covers Accounting, Finance & EconomicsBusiness, Management & StrategyEducationMarketing and Tourism & Hospitality. 

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. 

With access to over 16,000 courses in 7 languages, LinkedIn Learning provides the most relevant and current learning opportunities across business, creative or technology topics.

Access a library that provides student-centred curriculum development from on-ground to blended to fully online courses. Pearson also offers a video library, career readiness and employability skills, data, analytics and adaptive learning, as well as digital learning. 

Westlaw Asia is a portal that provides access to multiple products across various countries with a single search. An ideal tool for comparative law research, and a significant time saver, Westlaw also integrates with Westlaw Next for acess to content from Australia, Canada and the US.

The Library

Our state-of-the-art libraries deliver an outstanding student experience and provides access to an extensive range of digital and print collections. Whether you are preparing for your exams or improving your knowledge and awareness; whether you want to study in a physical environment, study online in your home, or find a calm space like our Hub – there’s a place at Abacus Digital for you.

The Hub

An informal space for students to hold meetings, study, or simply relax, the Hub is the latest addition to our range of student services. With the comfortable seating, ample desk area, vending machines and pool tables, the Hub is a warm and welcoming place, a perfect blend of fun and function.


How do I login? 

  • You can login through your “CMS / LMS / 365 account”. Choose the e-resources platform you want & go from there. 

Registration: Login Id & password 

  • Students are automatically registered & will get notification via their registered email. 

I have forgotten my ID / password. How to change it? 

  • You may check the forgot my password link & the admin will follow up from there. 

How do I find a book/e-book/item that I want? 

  • You may type in the titles / author / ISBN of the particular book / item that you need in their respective platforms. 

How do I access the library resources off-campus? Can online databases be accessed from outside the campus? 

  • You can automatically access the e-resources off-site provided you log in with your “CMS / LMS / 365 account”. 

How to download eBook? 

  • You may download the eBooks by chapters via Proquest eBook Central. 

Borrowing duration (eBooks & physical books) 

  • Borrowing duration are determined by coloured stickers (physical books) & librarians’ / publishers’ set up (eBooks). 

Do I need to wait to access an eBook? 

  • Depends on the availability of the eBook (single / multiple users). 

MCO: Can I return my books when I came back to campus? 

  • You may return your books when you came back to the campus. 

MCO: Can I return my books via Mail? 

  • You may, but not encouraged to do so due to safety reasons. 

How much can a student print and copy (eBook)? 

  • Depends on the limit sets by publisher / library. 

How long can eBooks be downloaded for? 

  • It is determined by publishers’ set up (eBooks). 

Where can I return a book? 

  • You can return the book through Service counter or the Drop Box if the Resource Centre is already closed.  

Can I return books at any Library? 

  • No. You have to return your borrowed book at the Library where you borrowed it. 

How do I renew a book and would it possible for me to renew the book from home? 

  • Yes, you can renew your book by calling our Librarians, PJ Campus 03-79541791 (PJ Campus) & 03-22736155 (KL Campus) or via email at library@bac.edu.my.  

How do I reserve borrowed book? 

  • Reservations can be made at the Service Counter or by LIBRARIKA. Librarian will notify the student through SMS when the reserved item is available. The reservation could be cancelled if the student did not claim it within THREE days 

What is the charge for late return/overdue book? 

  • The overdue fine is RM1.00 per book/per day 

Is there any reminder for overdue items? 

  • Yes, you will receive a reminder through email and text message prior to your due date.  

How to renew books/materials through online? 

  • Refer to Question 11 

My lecturer asked me to find a book in the library, I don’t know where is it, what should I do? 

  • The fastest way is to use the Library OPAC on our website to check. Through the Library OPAC, you can see whether the library has the book you are looking for, and if we have, you can see its location, call number and status. You also can come to the library and ask for your Librarians’ assistance.  

Why am I not able to renew a borrowed book? 

  • You may not be able to renew your books because: 
  • Another student has placed a Request for your book. 
  • The book has passed its due date. 
  • You have already renewed the book twice.  

Why am I not able to borrow an item? 

  • There are several reasons why you may not be able to borrow an item. The most common are: 
    • You owe fines equal to, or in excess of, RM50. To reinstate your borrowing privileges, make a payment towards the amount you owe. Please note that fines and fees for missing books must be paid in full. 
    • You may have reached your borrowing quota. 
    • Your account has been blocked due to overdue item or lost/damaged item report. Kindly settle the outstanding before proceeding with the borrowing. 

Where can I learn more about the Library’s E-Resources? 

  • Please refer the attached the video tutorials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_YP4gZZyMU&feature=youtu.be 

What is online databases / E-resources? 

  • They are electronic resources such as E-books, E-periodicals, E-theses or dissertations, which you can access online and download the full text or certain portion of the contents. 

What online databases are available? 

  • You may check https://www.bac.edu.my/index.php/abacus/ 

Who can access online resources off-campus? 

  • All registered staff and current students are eligible to access most Library online resources off-campus. 

I can’t get into a database that is subscribed by the library. What’s wrong? 

  • Please check your internet access / you may get in touch with the librarians via chat / email. 

Does the Library provide online access to past year exam papers? 

  • No. But you may check the LMS for that. 

Where are the libraries located? 

  • KL Library : BAC 2 Level UG 
  • PJ Library : VSQ PJ Level 11 

What services are offered? 

  • We offer Reference Services, Circulation Services, Library Orientation Program and Photocopying Services. 

Are there group study/meeting spaces in the Libraries? 

  • Yes, PJ Library have discussion room for students to do a group study or meetings.  

Can BAC alumni access these resources? 

  • Only current students are allowed to use the library resources. 

What photocopying facilities are available? 

  • Self-service black and white photocopiers are available in both KL and PJ Library. Library user need to buy a photocopy card that cost RM10.00 for 100 pages in order to use the photocopy machine. 

How do I figure out what titles are owned by the Libraries? 

  • You can check list of books available in the Library via Library OPAC. 

What should I do if I can’t find the book I am looking for? 

  • Please approach the nearest desk for assistance. There could be many reasons that you are unable to locate the book. It could be in use within the library, misplaced or identified as lost. 

How do I return book when the library has closed? 

  • You can return the book inside the Library book-drop.  

Can I locate a book using the Library Search Box if I only have the ISBN? 

  • Yes, you can simply insert the ISBN number inside the Librarika OPAC search bar or head to Service counter so our Librarians can assist you.  

I lost a library book. What should I do? 

  • You have to report the loss at the library counter. Librarians will advise whether you have to pay for the current price of the lost book / replace the book with a new copy. 

Can I bring food or drinks into the library? 

  • We only allow drinks in covered containers into the library, in order to avoid damage to our materials, equipment or furniture. Food is strictly prohibited in the library. 

How can I find a book in the library? 

  • You can utilize the Library OPAC by key in the necessary keyword or ask the Librarian in charge at the Service counter to check the book for you.  

I would like to use the library’s photocopier, what should I do? 

  • You will need to buy a photocopy card RM 10.00 (100 pages) at the Service Counter first, then you can use the card to do photocopy or printing (KL Library) 

Can I do color printing in the library? 

  • No, KL Library only provide black and white printing.  


What are the opening hours of the physical libraries? 

In response to Covid-19, the opening hours of the libraries are as below: 

  • KL Library Resource Centre & Reading hall: 9.00am – 6.00pm (Weekdays) & 9.00am – 1.00pm (Saturday)  
  • PJ Library Resource Centre: 9.00am – 6.00pm (Weekdays) & 9.00am – 1.00pm (Saturday), Reading hall: 9.00am – 10.00pm   

Why any of the library isn’t open 24 hours? 

  • At present, we are unable to keep the PJ Library open for 24 hours due to RMCO.